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Alaska Child Abuse Hotline 1-800-478-4444

Office Of Children’s Services

Anchorage 1-800-478-4444
Southcentral 1-855-352-8934
Northern Alaska 1-800-353-2650
Southeast 1-888-622-1650
Western Region 1-800-557-3141

DETAILS You Don't Need Them All.

DISCLOSURE You Don't Need To Have Heard One.

REPORT You Can Help a Child By Reporting.

ANONYMOUS Unless a Mandated Reporter.

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Child-friendly environment

Specially trained Interviewers

Support and advocacy for non-offending caregivers

Non-Invasive physical exam

Referrals to services so the healing can begin

A multidisciplinary response improves outcomes for child victims & their families

Welcome to Child Advocacy Centers in Alaska

Help Victims Become Survivors

Stand Up Step Forward

2016 Growing Safe and Healthy Children

Growing Safe & Healthy Children

Conference Handouts


Adults style of Interacting
CAC Advocacy vs. DV SA Advocacy
Interventions for Families Victimized by Child Sexual Abuse
Moms of SA Children: A Case of Institutional Sexism
Practical Creative Methods for Engaging Resistive Parents
Tipsheet DV Advocacy
Victim Assistance Training – Online Flyer
Olson Karalunas – Engaging Ambivalent Parents
Unraveling the Mystery of the MDT Case Review

Chamberlain Capacitar Fingerhold Practice
Chamberlain Capacitar Switching Technique
Chamberlain Capacitar Using Sensory Tools for Teens

Citizen Review Panel:
2015 Northern Region Site Visit Report
2016 National CRP Conference Agenda Report 1
CRP 2016 Annual Report
Anchorage Region Site Visit Report
BIA Providers Conference Survey Results Final Report
Final Report OCS 2016 Annual Staff Survey
SRO Site Visit Report 2016
Update to the Alaska House HSS Committee 2016

Forensic Interview:
Texas Multi-session Forensic Interview Manual

Knox Child Neglect
Knox – Torture as a Form of Child Abuse Article
Knox – Torture as a Form of Child Abuse Presentation
Baldwin Johnson Updated Guidelines for Evaluating Children and Adolescents
Greenbaum Human Trafficking and the Healthcare Needs of Victims
Randall Drug Endangered Children Article
Wiese The Traumatized Child Medication Use
Baldwin Johnson Medical Impact of Prenatal Substance Abuse
Sonkiss Effects of Addiction on Decision Making CHA 2016
Bringing Back the Social History
Bruising Characteristics Discriminating Physical
Ten 4 Paper
Pierce Fractures 2
Gil Eye Exam Skills
Gil RH in Infancy Anchorage 2016

Mental Health:
Miller – Mind Control in Ritual Abuse and Child Trafficking

Slide 1
The Process of Case Review for MDTs
ACA CSEC Roundtable Report Final
Wininger Howard Corroborating Evidence

2016 Educators Brochure
Bringing radKIDS to your Community
radKIDS at a Glance